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Fluid Level
Car batteries filled with distilled water (flooded lead-acid type)
Car batteries using lead-antimony plates need frequent watering to replace water lost due to electrolysis on each charge cycle. By changing calcium alloy and modern design and low moisture loss, unless overcharging. The modern car batteries to reduce maintenance requirements, and may not be able to provide a maximum of water added to the cells. The additional battery with the power plate, to allow the loss of life of the battery during the here above. If the battery is easily removable ceiling, then there will be a need to increase from time to time with distilled water balance. Overcharging for a long time or shipping high voltage causes some of the water and electrolyte into hydrogen and oxygen gas, to escape from the cell, which is called the gas. If the liquid electrolyte level drops too low, the plate is exposed to the air, and the loss of capability, and damage. Sulfuric acid batteries generally do not need to be replaced, because it does not consume even overcharging. Impurities or additives in the water, in order to reduce the age and performance of the battery. The manufacturer usually recommends to use deionized or distilled water, where they can take advantage of the safety of drinking water containing a high concentration of minerals.

Charging and discharging
Conventional car service vehicle charging system power electric vehicle system and restore the rechargeable battery, the engine is started. When you install a new battery or a rechargeable battery is fully discharged, and can be used in several different ways to charge him careless. Is known as the most gentle meager shipping. Other methods include slow boat and fast boats, while the latter is the most serious.
The voltage regulator system to charge non-rechargeable batteries provide power and traffic load on the measurement of the relative current. The system offers a fixed charge based on the voltage V 13.8 14.4 usually (volts), adjusted to the ambient temperature, unless the generator is in the boundary. Battery charging, high current is generally 20 to 40 (mA) A. He also accused the general charge current, battery power will be reduced to 2-5 mA. A high load, the number of high-energy ignition system, radiator fan, heater blowers, lights and entertainment systems, such as at the same time. In the old car (read: 80 and earlier versions) may shorten the battery voltage, load only when the engine is running at the top of the flow enough RPM idle and alternator / generator to provide electricity. This is not a problem, Hyundai Motor generators provide enough current to voltage checks, load and cargo organizers reserved. In the car turn battery voltage - the test showed that near-normal voltage, regardless of the headlights / AC / music / van / defroster / other electrical loads, even at idle.

Some manufacturers, including a built-in proportion, to show the state of charge of the battery, transparent tube, the float is immersed in the electrolyte, visible through the window. When the battery is being charged, and the increase of the specific gravity of the electrolyte in the window (because all of the sulfate ions present in the electrolyte, rather than side to side with the painting), and the upper portion of the coated float is visible. When the exemption, or from the battery electrolyte level is too low, the banks and floating window displayed in yellow (or black). The proportion of built-in check only responsible for a single cell status, without error in the other cells. The battery can not and a hydrometer or handheld sealed check every cell.

A positive cable connector (red) is connected to the battery to sustain. Optional visible folder window proportion of a single bird. (Black is not a negative clamp jumper)
Emergency to move from another car battery or portable battery booster.

Whenever automotive systems is not enough charges the battery is fully charged, the charger can be used. Not a simple commodity specifications current charge, reduce or stop the charging current to prevent the battery from excessive use of chemical weapons against the process of user needs. Charger in more detail, in particular the embodiment of official 3 - step, also known as IUoU, fully and safely charge the battery in a very short time, without user intervention. The desulfated transport commercially ship all types of lead-acid batteries.

The battery lasts longer when stored in the charging state. Leave the car to shorten battery life, making it impossible to use, if left for a long period of time (usually several years), sulfuric acid eventually become irreversible normal transport. Can monitor the battery regularly accused of, or attached to the charger to "float" to retain their function. One method is to use an inexpensive process timer for 30 minutes, 24 hours a day-shift charger. Battery charging and cleaning deposits Reviews. Battery stored in a cool, dry environment to get the best results, because of the high temperature increases the self-discharge rate and erosion panel.

replacement battery
When you replace the battery, the battery manufacturer's recommended cut all contact with negative ground, in order to prevent accidental short-circuit the battery terminals with the car frame. In contrast to the positive electrode cable. The study estimated that the National Association of road traffic safety, in the United States in 1994 and injured more than 2,000 people, and he is working with car batteries.

Filling the most appropriate factory in the electrolyte solution, transported to the retailer willing to sell the automotive lead-acid batteries. Decades ago, this is not the case. Full battery, usually at the time of purchase, retailers and battery charging. This process is time consuming and potentially dangerous.

Sulfated, and electrolyte slowly deteriorate and lead-acid battery storage. The car battery is encrypted to ensure installation within a year. In the United States, the production date is printed on the sticker. The history of the text, or use the alphanumeric code. The first character is the the character determines month (A for January, B for February, and so on). to skip the letter "I", because it can be mistaken by number 1. The second character is a number one, this is the first registration (for example, 2006). When you install the battery for the first time to buy "top responsible for freight vehicles (for the auto parts store) to extend the battery life of low interest rates and reduce system load and the external battery charger.

Common errors including battery:
Reduce cell, because of the separation between the failure of the positive electrode and the negative electrode plate
Reduced due to the accumulation of material or multiple cells shed panel below the cell plate
Internal communications interrupted due to corrosion
Crushing plate, due to vibration and corrosion
Low level, the electrolyte
Cracks or the case of breakage,
Breakthrough Station

Sulfation long neglected the case of very low or zero, the defendant
The corrosion of the battery terminals to prevent the car starter since the resistor. Sometimes found white powder on the battery terminals, usually lead sulfate is toxic by inhalation, ingestion and skin contact. The erosion caused by the the imperfect plastic seal between the case, resulting in the last cell of the battery, the functional response of the sulfuric acid with the lead battery.

Sulfuric acid when the battery is not fully charged. Harder and longer stay in the uninstall is to overcome sulfated case. Can overcome this slow, low charging current (trickle). The sulfation is formed on a large, flat plate of non-conductive lead sulfate crystals; lead sulfate formed in each part of the session, but to block current through the electrolyte in the case of large crystals exemption.
The basic wear mechanisms of shedding of active material from the cell panel, it is accumulated in the cells of the lower end portion of a circuit board may be short circuited.

Can sometimes can be repaired in the early automotive battery removal and replacement of joint damage, board-to-board connection and other aspects of the reform. Modern battery case is not conducive to the reform of the internal fault generally require replacement of the entire device.
Battery bombings

Car battery after explosion
Overcharge any lead-acid battery system, producing hydrogen gas (gas - voltage) by the electrolysis of water (> 14.34 V). If the average price increase is very small, and the slot, so that each cell, in order to eliminate the gas. However, the prices rise or ventilation is inadequate or faulty battery, you can stay in the box, the battery or battery pack concentration of flammable hydrogen gas. Hydrogen and oxygen can cause sparks internal explosion, otherwise it will damage the battery and its surrounding areas will be scattered in the surrounding area of ​​acid. Anyone injured near the battery.

The outcome of severe swelling of the battery in some cases, when accompanied hot, which usually indicates the failure of the car's charging system. Will reverse the positive and negative of the damage to the battery. When the to severely overcharge, and a lead-acid battery in the heart of the battery to produce high levels of hydrogen and the exhaust system can not handle the gas with a high level, so to create a pressure inside the battery, resulting in the outcome of the swellable. Generator can quickly destroy unstable battery voltage overload. A swollen, hot battery is dangerous.

Another possible cause of the explosion, when the battery terminal is short-circuited, a very low resistance path (such as a wrench or other tool or lying cross station). Addition to the spark, which usually occurs in a very short circuit, and heated to boil due to the internal resistance of the battery lead of the electric power, this also results in a water vapor pressure (The contents of the explosion caused by the electrolysis) the accumulation.

Moreover, it should be regarded as a car battery to wear protective equipment (goggles, overalls, gloves, etc.) to avoid injured acid leakage. Any open flame or spark appliances, including tobacco products, such as cigars lit cigarette or pipe, now is also the danger of flammable hydrogen gas it emits battery (and this is why, when charging the battery in the car or hop start, which is always cable the negative charger or connected to another and another way battery jump to the negative battery terminal positive away from the battery to the engine or frame on the ground, and additional always to complete the circuit only after the cable positive connection (and to remove in reverse order, and any cable is a negative of the first frame or engine, to break the circle, and then the positive battery cable) - In this form, any sparks that may occur the occurrence of a point of the distance of the cable is connected to the negative, from the battery and gas explosion farthest site, the spark does not occur, because the circuit is no longer complete, when the cable is connected to or away from the positive battery).

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